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For most people, vacation is to lie back and relax by the beach under a clear blue sky. For us, Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa is the best choice for such vacation. Welcoming you with 5-star facilities and premium services, it surely is the best place to get away from the chaos of the big city. The resort located on the beautiful Mae-Pim beach, Rayong. 

Rooms  The resort has 205 rooms with all the necessary features. Along with an extra soft bed, a balcony with 180 degree view of the ocean, open style bathroom with bathtub and rain shower.

  • Deluxe Mountain View
  • Deluxe Ocean View
  • Premier Ocean View
  • Studio Corner Suite
  • One Bedroom Suite
  • Ocean Suite

Restaurant & Bars  With 5 restaurants and bars for you to choose from, it is hardly you will ever run out of things to eat at Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa.

  • C Salt Café Buffet and A la cart style restaurant that will be serving you all day 
  • Fish Bar A restaurant and bar located next to the ocean serving you fresh seafood
  • The Lounge Bar in the lobby area with alcoholic beverage all night long
  • Java+ Trendy café with homemade bakery and coffee 
  • Water Bar Bar by the pool with healthy smoothies and juices  

C Salt Cafe

Fish Bar


Water Bar

Spa & Treatments  Quan Spa is ready to get your body and mind relax with treatments special crafted to suit your desire. Spending time here will recharge both you and your body.

Fitness Centre  24 Hours fitness and various classes to get you fit and firm

Kids Club  They haven’t forgot about your little kids and have fitted the resort with kids zone and playground specially for your children entertainment.

Swimming  With the resort located on a private beach, watching the sunset here is like no other place else. The resort also provides you with 3 swimming pools and 3 difference style for you to choose from.

  • Lagoon Main Pool - With Waterslides & Tropical Aquarium
  • Island View Pool – Where the sun rises & sets
  • Rain Dance Kids Pool

Lagoon Main Pool

Island View Pool

Rain Dance Kids Pool

Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa is a well-equipped resort with the best possible services making it the only 5-star resort in Rayong area. If you are looking for a place by the beach to relax and get away from the busy life, Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa is the place for you.

Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa
99/5 Moo2, Pae-Klaeng-Kram Road,  Chakpong District, Klaeng, Rayong 21190, Thailand T: +66.38.998.000 | F: +66.38.998.111 MarriottRayongResort.com MHRSRayongSales@marriott.com  Facebook : facebook.com/MarriottRayong


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        If you talk about Unseen in Thailand, which provinces will you think of? One of the answers would be ‘Krabi Provice’ which certainly pop up in your head. Everyone will adore this city which is the dream location of all travelers who need to experience the nature, the beauty of the sea, the charm of mountains and waterfalls. Let’s say that you will experience every styles by only visit one place. Although the flight to Krabi is so convenient and affordable, travel planning is always important. “Thai Vietjet” thinks of all travelers by arranging flight for perfect solutions of them. Comfortably fly from Suvarnabhumi Airport with two daily flights.   Route Suvarnabhumi – Krabi.  Morning flight VZ340  07.10 - 08.35 am.  Evening flight VZ344  19.25 - 20.50 pm.   Route Krabi – Suvarnabhumi  Morning flight VZ341 09.05 - 10.30 am.  Evening flight VZ345 21.20 - 22.45 pm.   Since you have got your favorite flight then let’s feel great with 10 Places you don't want to miss of Krabi. Have to stop once! Otherwise it seems like you haven’t reached Krabi yet.   The popular booking flight for travelers is the earliest flight which depart from Suvarnabhumi at 07.10 and arrive Krabi at 08.35. You will enjoy watching beautiful sunrise from the airplane and make a trip upon arrival. You can take a boat to the island with the weather is not so hot and do not be hurry to take a late flight back from Krabi at 21.20, arrive Suvarnabhumi at 22.45. You will even have a great dinner before flying back to Bangkok as well. For more details, click www.vietjetair.com     10 Places to go in Krabi “Cliff Climbing, challenging courage at Railay Beach”       To stimulate the adrenaline for pump up by reaching high and steep cliff, you can enjoy scenic ocean inlets nothing obscured sight. Railey beach is praised to be the highlight of all cliff climbers. This is a limestone cliff along the beautiful scenic spots for ending up your special day with one of the most beautiful sunset view of Krabi. Whoever wants to have a unique experience not to be missed here.   “View canal instantaneous color changing at Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam” Credit: http://thailandtopvote.com     The canal with a short length of only 5 km is surrounded by mangrove forests that grow in brackish and salt water. The upstream flows from the limestone mountain which is abundance of calcium carbonate sedimentation under the water. Then the water becomes clear blue color like a mirror. If you think this is special, not yet… when the high tide, sea water will flow into the canal to change color from clear to opaque. This incident originates the name of ‘Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam’ - which means two water tides in one canal.   “Feeling great with world class beauty at Koh Phi Phi”       The Emerald of the Andaman Sea that should visit once in your life. Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phi Phi Don are 2 big islands that bend together which becomes one of the most beauty world class picture. The highlight is Ao Maya which is the location of movie named The Beach. Photo cliff surrounded by the sea like a closed bay but there is clear emerald color water inside. It becomes the attraction for coral snorkeling and plenty of fish.   “Unseen Thailand at Sra Morakot”     The emerald green water pool in the heart of the forest is crystal clear water similar to hotel’s swimming pool. It is ranked as the Unseen Thailand of Krabi. The outstanding of this place is not only bluish green color, but also the convergence flow of warm water pool which can enjoy so much chill swimming. If you walk a little further, you will reach the natural pool which is the wonder of bright blue basin in the middle of forest.   “Being plentiful of merit and scenic view at Wat Tham Suea”     The temple is located on a high hill that must be visited once. You can drive over there due to nearby the city. When you reach, the first impression is the stair over 1,237 steps. You can stroll till the top then you will meet a wide panorama mountain view which is sometimes covered with sea of mist. In addition to get merit, you can enjoy beautiful view as well.   “Outdoor Onsen at hot spring Khlong Thom Waterfall”     Soaking in outdoor Onsen.. it is no need to go to Japan, just come to Krabi. This hot waterfall is the hot spring source with the temperature of 40-50 degree which can comfortably soak. The hot water seeps up from the surface which flows down lower layer and becomes the small waterfall. It would be great to visit there.   “Open the door to watch crystal clear water at Koh Hong”     Koh Hong (Hong Island) is also known as Koh Lao Bileh. It has beautiful scenery surrounded by turquoise water, coral reefs around the island, white sandy beach and swimming fishes swarm. You cannot visit there by just only walking but must take a boat ride through the strait of the mountain, to enter the inner lagoon. There is the only one entrance which similar to open the door for getting inside the room.   “Sun tan bathing at Koh Poda”     This is one of the top rank beautiful islands at Krabi. It maintains a beautiful and completely natural end. The location is nearby Ao Nang. If you want to feel great at Krabi, must visit here. The beach is suited for swimming, sun bathing, traveling, relaxation and utmost experience in life.   “Unseen Thailand at separated sea, go to one place can travel 3 islands”     Unseen of Krabi that everyone know so well. You can post for beautiful picture with white sand dune which connects along 3 islands ie. Koh Kai, Koh Tub and Koh Mor. The miracle of separated sea occurs from the lowest tide of each day. So that it makes the white sandy beach to stroll away especially during 5 days before and after 15th day of the waxing moon. You can travel there during November - early May of each year.   “Private romantic at Koh Rok”     If you want to experience the tranquility and private atmosphere, have to visit Koh Rok only. In addition to the abundance of the sea, crystal clear to see the coral below and fish swimming around it. The highlight over here is soft white sandy beach similar to flour which you enjoy most chill sit and soak sand.   After reading over here, you may realize that ‘Krabi Province’ is the destination to check out once. To relax and feel close to the abundance nature and most importantly, Krabi is a "lovely city, lovely people". Hospitality of the people here will make a lasting impression.  Thai Vietjet Air has direct double daily flight from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) – Krabi with affordable price and special promotions which provides for booking all year round. Click to check for more details and booking at www.vietjetair.com      
May 24, 2018


“Vietnam” a country with unique traditions. Visitors will fall in love with its long slender territory full of complex sceneries with mountains and beaches, as well as beautiful cultures. In Chinese, ‘Viet’ means ‘far’ and ‘nam’ means ‘southern’. Put together, they mean the land in the south of Viet people, far away from China. However, it is close to Thailand, so it is easy to get a hang of. Do you know? Vietnam is one of the countries with a high rate of economic growth. It has plenty of resources including rice,  rubber, tea, coffee, tobacco, steel, coal, natural gas and oil. Not only it is abundant in resources but Vietnamese culture is plentiful. It is influenced by French and Chinese cultures. The adopted colonial-styled constructions, foods, and holidays from its colonial countries and China make Vietnam fascinating. Its specialties can never be found in anywhere else.   Population: Vietnamese 90% Others 10%   Language: Vietnamese, Cambodian, English, French, Chinese   Currency: Dong   Season: With the different of weather and temperature condition, it is certainly that the travelling style in each city would be wary too. Therefore, before the trip, don’t forget to check and make a good plan. 4 Seasons in North  Winter  December to February. The weather is cold. The temperature is 7-20 degree Celsius.  Spring  March and April. The weather is rainy and humid. The temperature is 17-23 degree Celsius.  Summer  May to August. The weather is hot and rainy. The temperature is 30-39 degree Celsius  Autumn  September to November. The temperature is 23-28 degree Celsius 2 Seasons in Central  Rainy  May to October. The weather is hot and sultry with the heat reaching 40 degree Celsius.  Drought  October to April. The temperature is 20 degree Celsius. 2 Seasons in South  Rainy May to November. The weather is hot and sultry with the heat reaching 39 degree Celsius.  Drought October to April. The temperature is 26 degree Celsius.  Things To Do  Dear tourists.. Do not exchange too much Dong currency, the Dollar can be used in Vietnam with competitive rate.  Vietnam uses the round, 2-pin plug in, so please remember to bring a Universal plug socket.  There are Grab and Uber services to serve tourists with competitive rate, safe and also save your pocket too. If you want to feel the charm of Vietnam, there will not be finished in just one day trip. Come and check in with the 10 cities of Vietnam. Travelling from the north to the south comfortably with the easy time table, covered all eating, travelling, shopping, relaxing and experience the highlight of the all 10 cities.  1. Hanoi Travelling Season: October – April average temperature 29 centigrade * The 4 golden weeks throughout April is the best period for travelling before summer time. * Tet Festival or the Vietnamese New Year held in February, the city become peaceful suitable for chilling hanging out. "The capital city which combine the uniqueness of cultures together with the modern technologies full of charm, peace, traditional, but also joyful. It is an interesting place compare with other places in the world. Perceiving the people ways of living from street side and the chaotic of traffics on the road and the most important is although this is the capital city, but the cost of living is not so high, so tourists will be enjoy the trip."  Halong Bay The miracle of nature that has been registered as the World Heritage. The group of more than 1,969 of small and big islands aligned along the bay becomes a beautiful and impressed sightseeing. Ngoc Son Temple The temple located on an island on The Lake of the Returned Swards. Tourists can walk across to the temple on the The Huc bridge, a red wooden bridge which is the popular photography spot for tourists. Where located of an ancient shrine and the sacred tortoise statue where people warship.      Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Visiting the house of Mr. Ho, Ho Chi Min Mausoleum, the former great leader of Vietnam. The mausoleum was designed with the same pattern as The Lenins Mausoleum in Moscow. Altogether, it looks not alike a mausoleum with the decoration of more than 250 species of flowers. *Shorts, mini-skirts, smoking, photo shooting and loud noises are not allow.    *Closed every Monday and Friday and 2-month-long closing period from October to November.     Recommend Hotels   Hanoi La Siesta Central Hotel Rate 3,900 baht/night Lotte Hotel Hanoi Rate 3,200 baht/night The Lapis Hotel Rate 2,000 baht/night Hanoi Brilliant Hotel and Spa Rate 1,900 baht/night 2. Haiphong Travelling Season: from June to August. Average temperature is 26-340, hot and stuffy but you can easily enjoy trip by simply re-check weather before travel. "Named as the heaven for seafood lover, the important port and the example of Architecture in Colonial Era, this town comes with highly preserved nature. You can promenade along streetside with your favorite cup of coffee: the definition of Slow-life travelling."  Halong Bay From Hai Phong city, you able to go to Halong Bay of Hanoy easily. The Symbol of this bay is various sides of boats cruising to admire the beautiful scenery the island which  becomes the familiar view and unparalleled charm.   Tips: Do you know? The picture on 200,000 banknote of VND is this place then don’t forget to take a photo.  Fresh seafood from the Ocean Authentic food of Haiphong must be seafood only! Seafood menu is freshly cooked with the special process and fresh ingridient. Lobsters is much cheaper than you think. Never miss local style Red Crab Noodle.   Travel in Haiphong Town You can visit bustle town of Haiphong with interesting and charming  atmosphere. The uniqueness of this town is the traffic and horn sound of cars. The people at roadside sit and eat food easily without pattern.   Recommend Hotels   La Pinta Cruise Rate 12,000 baht/night AVANI Hai Phong Harbour View Rate 3,000 baht/night Mercure Hai Phong Rate 2,500 baht/night MANOIR DES ARTS Rate 1,800 baht/night 3. Vinh Travelling Season : June to September comes with very hot and dry weather while September to November are always raining and becomes cooler in December. *June – July, there are a lot of traveler because of semester break. "Visit the birth place of HồChí Minh, Vihn city..... This 3rd largest capital is not the destination of travelers but if you have a chance to come, we guarantee that you will love this town. You can touch the charm of Vietnamese lifestyle. Moreover, from this city you are able to go to travel at Laos "  Kaulo Beach The beach of time. Sea water is crystal clear, suitable to swim. The beach is a little bit crowded, especially in holidays. On the other hand, it turns quiet in Winter, Just like this place is your own beach.  Kwiat Moutain Walk thourough pine forest up to the top of the hill. Only 400 steps then the magnificent panorama view of nature reveals itself in front of you including fresh air as your reward.   Recommend Hotels   Muong Thanh Phuong Dong Rate 850 baht/night Muong Thanh Thanh Nien Hotel Rate 700 baht/night Lam Giang Hotel Rate 670 baht/night Muong Thanh Grand Cua Dong Rate 550 baht/night 4. Hue Travelling Season: Here it rains almost everyday and average temperature is 35-40 degrees celsius. Always carry along an umbrella or a raincoat. "The old capital of the Vietnamese Dynasty is located in the Perfume River Dam. You can see the beautiful of sunset on cruise. Ancient buddhist temples and pagoda in the capital are the heritage tourist attractions. Though ancient style tourist sites, you will stay in the modern style hotel and cool bar. Even lifestyle here changes, but it remains attractive to tourists."  Thien Mu Pagoda the 7th-storey pagoda is over 21 meters high or it is known as the angel temple among Thai people. From the top storey of the pagoda you can enjoy watching the flow of the river stream. The recommended time to enjoy the pleasant view is in the morning that the beautiful sunlight paints the sky.  Imperial Enclosure or The Forbidden City is located at the central of the city. It expresses the art style of Yuan dynasty. There are 3 outer walls which encircle the city. Walking on the bridge through the gate, you will see nine canons, the god of five elements and the four seasons.  The Tomb of Kai Ding King Mixed Architecture style mixed between Chinese and European style. It was made of reinforced concrete. It took 11 years to finish construction.   Recommend Hotels   Banyan Tree Lang Co Rate 13,000 baht/night Angsana Lang Co Rate 4,700 baht/night Alba Wellness Resort Hue Rate 3,500 baht/night Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort Rate 1,650 baht/night 5. Danang  Travelling Season: It is rainy season in October. Check the weather forecast in advance and plan your trip. During February – May average temperature is 26-34 degrees Celsius. *In February- International Fireworks Festival, in June- Beach Festival, water sports and cultural shows. "The 4th biggest city which is growing rapidly. It is an important seaport city and also luxurious seaside resorts location. The white sand beach is clean and perfect for vacation. People here are friendly and sociable."  Bana Hill  Come here and feel as if you’re in Europe! Enjoy fresh air and abundant nature. Ride the world’s longest and highest cable car up to the hill to see the castle like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books. Stay conveniently at the hotel and have fun whole day at the theme park.  Dragon Bridge the bridge crossing river Han at the central of the city. A huge golden dragon is decorated along the bridge and over 2,500 light bulbs will be turned on at night. The dragon will spray water at 3 pm on holidays.   Non Nuoc Beach is a popular beach stretching along the coast of marble mountains. While walking on the beach surrounded by pine trees, you can enjoy all activities including exploring caves, watching the ancient temple, chilling out under the tree, playing in the sea, and enjoying the delicious sea food until waiting for sunset.   Recommend Hotels   Naman Retreat Resort Rate 7,500 baht/night Grandvrio Ocean Resort Danang Rate 4,800 baht/night Novotel Danang Premier Han River Rate 3,600 baht/night Balcona Hotel Da Nang Rate 2,000 baht/night 6. Hoi An Traveliing Season: Rainy season comes during May and October with the average temperature of 26-34 degrees Celsius, sometimes up to 40 degrees Celsius. "The world heritage is still breathing ... The destination of tourists who want to experience the charm of old yellow buildings with colonial style. Simple lifestyle and beautiful of Hoi An. Vietnam's wet rainy season is the best time to enjoy the natural scenery and the rice terraces of this city."  Sightseeing the Old Town around the Tran-Phu Road, walking and seeing the atmosphere of charming old city. The highlight is the glittering yellow building that everyone needs to take a photo; alleys that easy to travel by tricycle or rent bike which very fun as well.  Thu Bon river cruise Anyone who wants to take a boat chill, see another view of the old town. Let's take a cruise with 360-degree view at a reasonable price, enjoy and have an exotic experience. However, the price depends on the number of people and duration.  Hoi An Night Market Chill in the city atmosphere, Night Market of Hoi An is attractive and interesting, not only in the daytime, many shops, food and drinks at affordable prices. The highlights must be brought to the colorful lamp shop that you can buy as the souvenirs.   Recommend Hotels   Almanity Hoi An Wellness Resort Rate 4,200 baht/night Little Riverside Hoi An Rate 3,300 baht/night Allamanda Estate Rate 3,300 baht/night KOI Resort and Spa Hoi An Rate 2,500 baht/night 7. Na Trang Travelling Season: hot and dry weather, from mid January to August, rainy season from October to November and December will be colder. *June to July is very tight because of the school holidays. "Ya-Jaang or Nha Trang, the city of a great beach to enjoy and the destinations of water sports enthusiasts and seafood lovers through the nightlife. This city is ranked No.1 in 12 beachfront resorts of the world."  Mud Skin Spa Tap-ba Hot Springs suitable for soaking, relieving stress and maintaining various arthritis. Mud pond is good for soak the skin with rich in minerals and come up bright skin.  Nha Trang Beach Beach is a long beach with the length over 6 kilometres with background view of mountains. Besides the beautiful scenery, there are a lot of beach activities such as water sport, diving and sunbathing.  Taste the delicious and fresh seafood from sea NhaTrang Known as seafood Town, every restaurant provides a tank showing fresh lobsters and large fish ready for you to choose for your choice. Moreover, Italian food, French food, and original Vietnamese food are available. We absolutely confirm the delicious taste.   Recommend Hotels   Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Rate 18,000 baht/night Fusion Resort Cam Ranh Rate 7,500 baht/night InterContinental Nha Trang Rate 5,000 baht/night Mia Resort Nha Trang Rate 4,700 baht/night Vietjet was honored with “Asia’s Best Flight Attendant Wardrobe” 2018 from NOW Travel Asia Magazine Awards Vietjet was honored with the “Asia's Best Flight Attendant Wardrobe” at the Gala Ceremony hosted by NOW Travel Asia Awards -  NOW Travel Asia Magazine, in Chengdu, China. The result was announced based on actual votes by readers’ and the judges. Vietjet uniforms were designed by European designers based on the ideas of the youth army cadet uniforms. For female flight attendants, stylized red T-shirts, bow ties, shorts with a plaid hat and accessories such as flying wings, badges, brown belts and the prominent pretty red shoes. In winter, the vest matches with shorts to bring the youthfulness, freshness. The male attire is not only smart but also dynamic with black trousers, business shoes and stylish red t-shirt.  Vietjet uniform harmonizes the modern and traditional styles, which creates a break-through outfit, beyond the framework of normal uniforms.  It brings the uniqueness and new look, demonstrating Vietjet's youthful, innovative, and inspirational spirit to conquer and connect the sky. Last year, Vietjet was also honored in the top five airlines with the most charming cabin crew, in line with Singapore Airlines, Air France and Emirates. The results were publicly voted on Canada's vivalifestyleandtravel.com, a lifestyle and travel website. Since 2012, NOW Travel Asia Awards have annually honored outstanding tourism service providers throughout the Asia-Pacific region. This year, NOW Travel Asia Awards continues its awards to the high-end tourism sector including luxury hotels and resorts ... This year’s highlights were not only the exceeded number of voting participants, but also the significant impact of the nominations and awards. These will help improving products and services in the industry. 8. Dalat Travellung Season : Cool weather all year, especially from December to March. April to November is raining with the average Temperature of 15-240c *Flower festival: The show of flower and parade of flower are organized every 2 year at the End of year.  "This small town in the south have nickname as Little Paris. Located on plateau, forest valley and lake are around the town. Like its nickname, the place is the most romantic town of spring weather, the same feeling like Korea and Japan. Don’t forget to prepare overcoat for travelling."  Valley of Love is surrounded by lake and covered by Pine forest and flower garden. Tour bus for service is available. Travelling on carriage around lake in the midst of romantic just like dream.  Da lat Night Market The one of charm you must not miss of Dalat is a famous night market. You can feel the real atmosphere of Vietnam style. You can enjoy shopping in reasonable price and taste the delicious snack which is cheaper than you think.  Da Tan La Waterfall The beautiful scenery and the exciting route go down to this place. You must use Roller Coaster one by one to pass the beautiful forest way. When reaching the place you can experience the beautiful waterfall and view basket spot with 360 degree scenery.    Recommend Hotels   Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel Rate 3,700 baht/night Ana Mandara Villas Dalat Resort Rate 3,300 baht/night Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam Dalat Rate 1,300 baht/night The Luxe Hotel Da Lat Rate 700 baht/night 9. Ho Chi Min City Travelling Season: November to April with average Temperature of 20 – 26 0 c. It’s coolest in January "Ho Chi Min or Sai Gon is the center capital of Business in Vietnam: good combination between  the Modern and Original traditional of Vietnamese altogether. You will see and get familiar with luxurious building in front of an ancient museum in French style. Moreover, the charm of Night Life will let you say “It’s Perfect!”. The Brewery with valuable price is served altogether with  luxury cocktail for you to impress the night under the ambiance in Sai – Gon style. I can say “travelling in one town with 2 style"  Saigon Post Office Send a beautiful postcard with nice Western vibe at the largest post office in Vietnam which designed by the same French architects who designed the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty  Apartments Café Drink a cool coffee in the café located in the central of Ho Chi Minh with the chic and stylish in each different floor. It's a good place to sit and chill along 8 am. to 10 pm.  Notre Dame Cathedral The Roman Catholic Cathedral where is the concentration center of Saigon people, everyone energetically comes here for the ceremony especially in Sunday morning. It is another landmark for those who want the peace and need escape all the hustle and bustle  Ho Chi Minh City Hall  A colonial building that conquers tourists, more late night more beautiful because it will turn on the lights around the building, the atmosphere is very nice that make everyone does not hesitate to take pictures anymore.   Recommend Hotels   Amena Residences & Suites Rate 5,000 baht/night Fusion Suites Saigon Rate 3,750 baht/night  Silverland Charner Rate 3,050 baht/night Alagon Zen Hotel & Spa Rate 1,800 baht/night 10. Phu Quoc Travelling Season: High Season is November to March, the average temperature is 25-28 degrees.  "Paradise of the sea, paradise island where everybody want to go, most people are native, kind, and friendly. There are multitude of cultures in Cambodia, India, the Philippines and China. Hotels and resorts are quickly booked."  Beach Chilling 'Seo Beach' The most famous beach is over 7 km long, soft sand as powder, turquoise blue of sea, shady with coconut trees. Some days, you might see a starfish was sunbathing on the beach, so super natural. 'Long Beach' the beach of the most fun and colorful on the island, relaxing on the beach, sunbathing, drinking cools cocktails at the beach bar, enjoying the freshness of seafood from this sea.  Study the nature route Ingratiate the natural lovers at Vinpearl Land, explore the forest, wildlife, beautiful  waterfall and fun water parks are all included here to enjoy the full flavor. Diving explore the coral under the sea, most resorts and hotels already have diving equipment available or contact the tour operator to do fishing activities.   Recommend Hotels   JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Rate 10,000 baht/night Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island Rate 5,300 baht/night Nam Nghi Phu Quoc Island Rate 4,500 baht/night Mango Beach Resort Rate 1,900 baht/night “Thai Viet Jet Airline” The first modern airline of Vietnam is a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and top 500 Brands in Asia 2016. There are more than 60 aircrafts ready to service customer in 101 routes by operating 385 flights a day in Vietnam and foreign countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Cambodia. Fly to touch the charm of the 10 simple cities with network of Vietnam Jet, top modern airline in Vietnam and value with low fares, good services. Winner of the Best Asian Low Cost Carrier and one of the top three fastest growing airlines in the online world, with new Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft and direct flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport   Recommend Guide: Special Promotion Flight Tickets “Viet Jet time” 12.00 - 14.00 pm. on the date set through the website, www.vietjetair.com and keep up the news on www.facebook.com/vietjetthailand comfortably fly, certainly desirable for the tourists.  
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    Koh Kham  (Trat)     "Koh Kham" Emerald Pearls of Trat. Koh Kham is a small private island. Located near Koh Mak. The nature of Koh Kham is quite natural. White Sand Beach (San Sai) stretches for about 300 meters and the volcanic rocks are lined with various types of coral reefs around the island. The crystal clear waters throughout the year are nicknamed "Emerald Pearls of Trat"   image source : thai.tourismthailand             Emerald of Trat This is the codename that guarantees the beauty of Koh Kham. It is the emerald clear waters of the west coast of the island. The length of about 300 meters. Can play water well. The top of the beach is shady with coconut trees and privacy. The tranquil atmosphere can be enjoyed throughout the day. It is the only beach of the island.           The island is a mountain with only one beach area around the island of Koh Kham, rocks and corals are recovering a lot. From the beach, you can go diving with the beautiful fish without having to take a boat to see. In addition, the magic of the sea of ​​Trat is also available to watch. Black volcanic rocks are scattered around the beach and around Koh Kham. The geologist has assumed.           Several hundred million years ago, this area had been a volcanic crater, but now it has stopped. Only these black stones are visible, except for the volcanic rocks. Another wonderful thing about Koh Kham. White sand dunes stretching in the length of about 500 meters in the low tide, the sand dunes are far longer, almost reach the island of Koh Mak ever.      Koh Kham (Trat) Location : Koh Kood, Trat Inquiries : Telephone 0 3959 7259-60 Traveling to Koh Kham : There is a boat departing from Laem Ngop Pier. Departure time is 15.00 hrs. To Koh Kham at 6.00 pm. Travel time is 3 hours. Return from Koh Kham at 08.00 hrs to Laem Ngop Pier at 11.00 hrs. Boat ticket cost 210 baht per person. Inquiries : 08 1212 1814, 08 1303 1229, 08 1916 6536   Thanks for the good of : thai.tourismthailand   Recommended Hotel AANA Resort & Spa   The Stage-Koh Chang Hotel   Barali Beach Resort   Siam Bay Resort    
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  Sukhothai Historical Park (Sukhothai)         Sukhothai Historical Park It is a historical heritage of Thailand that began to build a kingdom. It was praised by UNESCO. In December 1991, the "World Heritage" because in the past, Sukhothai was a thriving Thai capital. It is the center of religious and economic administration within the park. There are important places that are the palace of religious monuments, with moats, walls and ancient gates surrounding the square. Features include:   image source : thailandscanme.com     Historic sites within the city walls King Ramkhamhaeng King Bhumibol Adulyadej Founded in 1975, located along the road. To the north of Wat Mahathat. The bronze statue of a bronze statue of a black person, 2 times the real body height of 3 meters, sitting on the foot of the platform. The right hand holds the scripture The left hand is in the teaching position. On the left side, there is a statue of Buddha standing next to the face like the original Sukhothai Buddha image. That's the feeling. King Ramkhamhaeng the Great has mercy, kindness, fairness, decisiveness in parenting father. On the side, there is an image of the inscription on the events of His Majesty's activities as referred to in the Sukhothai inscription.   Sukhothai Historical Park Old Town There is a rectangular stone in the shape of a rectangle, 1,300 meters in width and 1,800 meters in length. The outer two-story wall is a ditch with a ditch. In addition to protecting the enemy. Water ditches also drain the city to flood. Between each side is the gate. And the gate with the door.   Wat Mahathat is located in the middle of the city, a large temple and the temple of Sukhothai. The Maha Chedi Maha Chedi. Or lotus bud Authentic Sukhothai art is the Chedi. Around 8 pagodas on the same base is the laterite pagoda is located in the four directions and the brick pagoda is a brick from Lanna influenced by the survey found that the temple area has a large variety of as many as 200 temples. 10 of the arches (mondop) 8 arches of the temple, one of the four pillars of the east on the main chedi. The largest bronze Buddha statue in Thailand is Phra Sri Sakyamuni. It is enshrined in the church of Wat Suthat, Bangkok, north and south of the Mahathat pagoda. There is a statue of Buddha standing inside the arch called "the goddess".   Wat Chansongkhram is located on the northern side of Wat Mahathat. Near the old town called Wat Ratchawan is characterized. The pagoda is a large bell tower, with a chedi with chapels, churches and pagodas.   Phra Ruang or royal palace in the Sukhothai period. Located in the east, next to Wat Mahathat. King Rama VI assumes that this area. Formerly the royal palace of the King of Sukhothai. The Fine Arts Department was excavated in 1983 to found the base of the lotus and lotus. It has a rectangular base of 27.50 x 51.50 meters with a staircase on the front and back.   Wat Thap Luang (the word "reservoir" means pond or swamp) is an important archaeological site. Located on the edge of the money on the west side of Wat Mahathat. It is 300 meters from Wat Mahathat. Composed of pagodas or majestic flower buds as President. The four statues of the statue stand. And the Buddha statue. There is a temple in front. And the east side of the pagoda is an island church located in the middle of the water.   Wat Sa Si is a temple located to the north of Wat Mahathat. It is a large archaeological site located on a large island called Khao Yai. The front of the large sanctuary Buddha statue stucco parish. There is a small pagoda. Srivijaya Art of Ceylon Located on the south. There are 4 arched Buddha images in front of the small island, where the small temple is located. This temple is known as a beautiful scenery.   Wat Si Sawai is located south of Wat Mahathat. It is about 350 meters away. Composed of three pagoda art Lopburi style of the pagoda is quite slim. Located on a low base, some stucco patterns like stripes on Chinese wares. Yuan Dynasty The lintel is carved in the shape of a Narai. Parts of the idol and saiw, which have been shown as Hindu shrines. Then converted into a temple in Buddhism by adding a temple on the front.   The eye of Pha Daeng Khmer art of Angkor Wat (1650-1700). Later, the Fine Arts Department has excavated and restored this court found pieces of idol and the ornament decorated with ornaments. Currently exhibited at Ramkhamhaeng National Museum.     image source : thailandscanme.com   Historic sites outside the city walls. Visitor Center of Sukhothai Historical Park Thai style building Sukhothai. In front of Wat Phra Pai Luang Inside the building is a data center. And visitors to visit the Sukhothai Historical Park. Including exhibits of ancient sites in Sukhothai Old Town. Tourists should start visiting the park. From here, you will see an overview of the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom.   Sukhothai pottery (Tuttirang) near Wat Phra Phai Luang The old moat called "Mae Joan" is a burner in the Sukhothai period. Around the 18th century, there were about 49 stoves, most of which were located on the north bank of the Joan River, 37 stoves on the south side, 9 on the south wall, and 3 on the east side. Width is 1.50-2.00 meters long, 4.5 meters. Pottery found in this area is mainly crockery. A large thick Coating Yellowish gray Black writing Mostly flower, fish and machine.   Wat Phra Luang It is the second largest archaeological site after Wat Mahathat. Rectangular measurement There is a ditch around the three floors, the outer layer called the Mae Joan Temple, Wat Phra Pi Luang is the center of the community. The oldest remains of the temple are the three prangs. Laterite Khmer martial arts At 7, the front of the temple is a four-stucco Buddha image, sitting, standing, and walking.   Wat Si Chum is located 800 meters from Phra Phai Luang Temple to the west. It is a temple that is enshrined by the Lord Buddha. "Ajana" means "who do not shake the stable" is a statue of Buddha. The temple features a rectangular shape. But the roof collapses. Only four walls left. Each side wall Brick brick firmly. The south wall provides access to the inside. And walk up the narrow staircase to the side wall of Ajana. Or up to the top of the ridge. Within the walls of the wall are old paintings, but almost faded. This painting is nearly 700 years old. In addition, on the ceiling of the staircase also has a large slate carved with various allegories of the allegiance. There are a total of 50 images. When walking through the steps, the stairs will appear on the roof of the temple with magnificent views. The old town of Sukhothai.     image source : thailandscanme.com   Historic sites outside the western wall.   Wat Changwat is about 2.4 kilometers from the Reed Gate to the west. Ceylonese Pagoda The square of the square has 24 hinged elephants in front of the chedi. There are 5 pagodas around the pagoda, the president and the church.   The dam is located in the Old Town. It is a barrier between the big Buddha. And he's gone Built to hold water. And draw water along the canal into the city wall, flowing into the pool of money to bring gold to the city. And the palace in the Sukhothai period. Currently, the Royal Irrigation Department has restored. And repaired In the past, it was called Sog (meaning stream). Sick Prachong The rain, spears, and sapphires (Rama VI used to visit the city of Phra Ruang), which is a source of water flowing from him.     Historic sites outside the city walls.   Wat Chetupon is the interesting art of the temple. Mummy made of slate There are four Buddha statues, namely, sitting, standing, walking, walking in the mantlet, where the Buddha is enshrined, with the use of laterite brick slate materials in the construction. The monument is surrounded by a wall surrounded by a large and thick slate. And wooden imitation cages And also found the stone inscription 58 inscribed in 2057 said that the god of radiation created a Buddha image in this temple.   Four Pagoda Pagoda It is about 100 meters to the east of Wat Chetupon. What is interesting is that at the base of the Chedi, there are stucco statues adorned with sculptures of men and women wearing ornaments. In a mobile container A plant that emerges out of abundance. There are elephant stucco. And Singer decorated. Chedi Chedi is a round bell that has been restored. The top of the pagoda has broken down.   Wat Saphan Hin This temple is located on a 200-meter high hill. The walkway is covered with slate pavement from the foot of the mountain up to 300 meters. The main temple is a large Buddha statue. The pagoda is 12.5 meters high called "     image source : thailandscanme.com   Historic sites outside the city walls.   Wat Changwat is an important archaeological site. Ceylonese spire is the presbytery of the temple. Around the base of the pagoda is decorated with a stucco figure. The front has brick bases. It also has a brick wall base surrounded by brick.   Wat Thung Thong Lang On the way to the beach. If you come from Sukhothai. Wat Thung Thong Lang on the left. The square mound is brick. The outside wall is enshrined. When the Buddha came down from the Dudu. Preaching the Buddha's father and King Taksin. And now, please, Mrs. Pimpao. It is a masterpiece of Sukhothai.   Admission fees   Thai tourists 20 baht, foreigners 100 baht *** If you bring your vehicle into the historic site, you will have to pay a fee. And at the parking lot of the park. The Tourist Service Center provides tram services around the park.   Thai Tour Price 20 Baht Foreigner 40 Baht In front of the park. Bicycle rental available. Sukhothai Historical Park Open daily from 06.00-21.00 hrs. (Tickets are available at 18.00 hrs.) Note:  There is a historic fire from 19.00 to 21.00 in case of group visit. And need a guest speaker Please contact Tourist Information Center. Sukhothai Historical Park Old Town Amphoe Mueang Sukhothai Sukhothai 64210 Tel. 0 5569 7527, 0 5569 7241 or 0 5569 7310 Travel    Car From Sukhothai town hall, follow Highway 12, Sukhothai - Tak. To the west about 12 kilometers    Bus Take a bus or a local bus (the pork stall) of Sukhothai at the Sukhothai bus station or from the bus station in downtown Sukhothai. From the bridge over the Yom River to about 200 meters, ride the old city line every 20 minutes from 06.00 to 18.00.   Thank you for good information from : Tourism Authority of Thailand
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